Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Girl?

So, Ava has gone pooh-pooh in the potty twice, once last night and once again this morning. Last night, she got out of the tub and went in her potty with just a little encouragement from Lily. Nate and I didn't even know she had gone until Lily shouted, "Mommy, Ava went poop in her potty!" Then, this morning, she took off her diaper and went. Dare I attempt potty training with an 18 month old? Not sure I am ready to commit to that, yet...but, it sure would be nice to not have to change diapers!

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Anonymous said...

I was alerted to this blog in my Google alert for potty training.
First off, congratulations to your daughter ... and you! How great!
And yes, you should take this sign of readiness and run with it. There is no need to push, but you can certainly support her process. I have written a whole series on potty training, but would alert you to the post, Follow the Zing of Toilet Training as particularly helpful for getting started.
Good luck!
And please stop by my site again at the end of the process to share your success story.

Emily Geizer