Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture Update

I just noticed the severe lack of pictures up here. Here are some from the past week. I don't have very many because we have really been just hanging out.

These first ones are from a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't remember if I ever posted them. The girls both got to pick out new sunglasses, they were both hilarious wearing them around everywhere with their "cool faces."

The next ones are form a couple of weeks ago, too. I was trying to get them to show off their super cute headbands. The flowers I won in a giveaway from Posh Toppings and just combined them with some simple headbands from Target. Both girls though they were so pretty!

Here's Ava eating corn on the cob. It was the funnies thing ever to watch her eat. Check out the cheeks. She has officially been dubbed "Chipmunk."

And, finally, here are some pics from a friend's birthday party we went to the other day. Lily had to wear the skirt I made (for Ava), so that she could wear the matching flower...what a girl!

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