Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 Things.

1. Sisters

2. Summer showers

3. Garage Sales

4. Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry Whipped Yogurt

5. Baby girls (baby boys, too, but I am sort of partial to girls at this point)

6. Free summer movies

7. Sales at Target

8. Well, sales anywhere, really

9. Good friends

10. Swimming pools

What are your 10 things this beautiful Sunday morning?

1 comment: said...

I read your ten things to be thankful for to John today Tori and he thought you should also be thankful for the following:

1) nuclear disarmament
2) lighted vanity mirrors
3) lotioned toilet paper
4) an end to the draft
5) that cat litter than turns into bricks
6) sun dresses AND
6) that plastic thing that hooks onto the backs of brastraps

So there you go, so many many things to be thankful for! What a silly guy!
Hugs, MOM