Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crafty Week

I have had a really productive crafting week...which is to say, a really unproductive week on every other front. Here are the projects I completed this week:

A couple more fun skirts. I'm not crazy about the first one, but it's cute on Ava. The second one has so many mistakes (that's what a get for trying to sew with the kids running around), but thankfully, this is a very forgiving project! It is supposed to be for Ava, too, but Lily has already worn it once...even though it is a little snug on her :) I also made some little matching flower clips to go with them. They were a big hit with Lily, so I think I will be making her some more.

These are some super fun and quick pin cushions. They are Heather Bailey's Square Deal Pincushions. The tutorial can be found here.

Last, I finally fished the top for my first quilt! Yay! I started it in February, so it has taken me awhile...it is full of imperfections, but I like it. I just have to decided how I want to quilt it...

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