Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 Things.

I've been seeing this lately on other sites. Listing 10 things you are thankful every week. So, since my lovely internet is not allowing me to upload pictures right now, I thought I would find some things to be thankful for. Here are my 10 things.

1. Being able to watch my girls hug on and play with each other.

2. Nate, because he always tries to help with my problems...even when they are silly little problems :)

3. Lily's exuberant personality.

4. Baby kisses (from both my babies).

5. Having our own space (the space itself may not be great, but after two weeks of being in other peoples' spaces, I am happy that we have our own little apartment to come home to).

6. A family (both mine and Nate's) who loves my girls so much!

7. My MOPS group. Don't think I would have survived the three years we've been here without them.

8. Ava's little smile.

9. Healthy children.

10. A husband who talks to me about the future and where he sees our lives going.

So, there's my 10 things for the week. What are yours?

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