Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playground Trip, Big Girl Bed, and Some Silliness

I finally brought the kids to the playground. I have been avoiding it for weeks because it is so stinking hot. They needed to run, though.

Love this one. No cheesy grin!

Ava moved to a big girl bed yesterday. She did great for nap time (I had to tell her once to get back in bed), bed time was a little harder (took six times). It was nice to not have to run in and get her out of bed this morning, though! She just got up with Lily and went out into the living room.

My little cheese ball :)

And, here is the silliness. Ava can tell you her name now and it's really cute. I figured I shoudl try to get it on video. So, yesterday, I was trying to get her to say it while the girls were watching iCarly. Well, Ava decided she needed a new name inspired by the show.

In case you couldn't understand Lily there at the end, she said she wanted to have long hair like Carly when she grows up and she's going to change her name to Carly.

Ah, and here is the picture Lily drew me at the gym this morning. She told me it was a strap factory. Where does she get this stuff from?

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Shop with Me Mama said...

your little girls are too cute!