Sunday, June 14, 2009

Playing Around Maguire and Some Silliness

So, these pictures are from like three weeks ago. We were getting ready for our "Summer Break" and then we were gone on the break...and, well, I tried to get them up before we left, but, thanks to our wonderful University Internet, that didn't happen. So, here they are now :)

These are from when we had nothing but rain, rain, rain. So, whenever we got a second of sunshine, the girls and I sprinted outside to let them get out and wander around some.

The kids were impressed by the amount of water coming off the roof of the building even though it was no longer raining.

I'm not going to miss much about Maguire Village, but I will definitely miss the beautiful old oak trees.

Ava threw her ball down these stairs and then stood at the top like this until I had fetched it for her.

And, now for the silliness. Ava has figured out that she can reach up on top of the counters in the kitchen and, while she can't always see what she is grabbing, she can get her hands on some pretty fun stuff. That is until she grabbed a marinating steak and it came down and smacked her square in the face. Niiiice.

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