Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture Update

I just noticed the severe lack of pictures up here. Here are some from the past week. I don't have very many because we have really been just hanging out.

These first ones are from a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't remember if I ever posted them. The girls both got to pick out new sunglasses, they were both hilarious wearing them around everywhere with their "cool faces."

The next ones are form a couple of weeks ago, too. I was trying to get them to show off their super cute headbands. The flowers I won in a giveaway from Posh Toppings and just combined them with some simple headbands from Target. Both girls though they were so pretty!

Here's Ava eating corn on the cob. It was the funnies thing ever to watch her eat. Check out the cheeks. She has officially been dubbed "Chipmunk."

And, finally, here are some pics from a friend's birthday party we went to the other day. Lily had to wear the skirt I made (for Ava), so that she could wear the matching flower...what a girl!

Crafty Week

I have had a really productive crafting week...which is to say, a really unproductive week on every other front. Here are the projects I completed this week:

A couple more fun skirts. I'm not crazy about the first one, but it's cute on Ava. The second one has so many mistakes (that's what a get for trying to sew with the kids running around), but thankfully, this is a very forgiving project! It is supposed to be for Ava, too, but Lily has already worn it once...even though it is a little snug on her :) I also made some little matching flower clips to go with them. They were a big hit with Lily, so I think I will be making her some more.

These are some super fun and quick pin cushions. They are Heather Bailey's Square Deal Pincushions. The tutorial can be found here.

Last, I finally fished the top for my first quilt! Yay! I started it in February, so it has taken me awhile...it is full of imperfections, but I like it. I just have to decided how I want to quilt it...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

10 Things.

1. Sisters

2. Summer showers

3. Garage Sales

4. Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry Whipped Yogurt

5. Baby girls (baby boys, too, but I am sort of partial to girls at this point)

6. Free summer movies

7. Sales at Target

8. Well, sales anywhere, really

9. Good friends

10. Swimming pools

What are your 10 things this beautiful Sunday morning?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Potty Update

She has been going 2 -3 time a day in the potty. She actually will tell me when she needs to go...sometimes. I am not pushing her to use it, we are just going by whatever she initiates. She is still in diapers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Girl?

So, Ava has gone pooh-pooh in the potty twice, once last night and once again this morning. Last night, she got out of the tub and went in her potty with just a little encouragement from Lily. Nate and I didn't even know she had gone until Lily shouted, "Mommy, Ava went poop in her potty!" Then, this morning, she took off her diaper and went. Dare I attempt potty training with an 18 month old? Not sure I am ready to commit to that, yet...but, it sure would be nice to not have to change diapers!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Things.

1. Daddies

2. Hot showers

3. The beautiful Florida sunshine (though, I am not loving the heat!)

4. Bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos

5. Lily's excitement about giving her daddy his gifts this morning

6. Chic Lit

7. Summer breaks (no matter how short)

8. Comfy PJs

9. New words from Ava

10. Sunglasses

So, what are your 10 things this week?

Happy Father's day!

Hope all you daddies out there have a great day! Thanks for all your hard work!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playground Trip, Big Girl Bed, and Some Silliness

I finally brought the kids to the playground. I have been avoiding it for weeks because it is so stinking hot. They needed to run, though.

Love this one. No cheesy grin!

Ava moved to a big girl bed yesterday. She did great for nap time (I had to tell her once to get back in bed), bed time was a little harder (took six times). It was nice to not have to run in and get her out of bed this morning, though! She just got up with Lily and went out into the living room.

My little cheese ball :)

And, here is the silliness. Ava can tell you her name now and it's really cute. I figured I shoudl try to get it on video. So, yesterday, I was trying to get her to say it while the girls were watching iCarly. Well, Ava decided she needed a new name inspired by the show.

In case you couldn't understand Lily there at the end, she said she wanted to have long hair like Carly when she grows up and she's going to change her name to Carly.

Ah, and here is the picture Lily drew me at the gym this morning. She told me it was a strap factory. Where does she get this stuff from?

Did You Know...

that you can fill crescent rolls with chicken and yumminess and make a pretty good lunch? Someone made me something similar to this after Ava was born and I have been meaning to try it. So, today, I finally did! I just took 2 crescent rolls, still stuck together, and filled them with some leftover chicken cacciatore and mozzarella cheese. Pinch them together at the tops and bake them up. Yum. I will say to be careful and try to get it even when you pinch the tops together, because I had one little spot that was not quite cooked. I want to try this again with some chicken (gonna try using canned), brocolli, and cheddar cheese.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Summer Break"

I put that in quotes because Nate's break is a mere two weeks. It seems like nothing compared to the 3 1/2 month long hiatus we were once used to...Oh, well. Soon enough, he will be working and the idea of a summer break will long gone. Anyhow here is a recap of our trip. We packed in as much as we could!

Saturday - May 30

We left G-Ville for St. Auggie. On the drive there, through the backwoods that is Interlachin, we got stuck behind a truck full of, I kid you not, horse pooh (I guess it could have been cow pooh, too). Now, our car is one that you cannot switch the AC so that it sucks the air from inside and recycles it. Oh, no, our car only takes the air from outside. Well, when you are stuck behind a truck full of manure (and I'm talking about like a pick-up truck with the bed piled high with stink), and the truck is going 45 in a 60 zone down curvy, winding, NO PASSING ZONE, roads and your AC wants to suck the air from outside the car...well, let's just say we decided it was a good idea to just be a bit warm for the 15 miles we were behind the truck. Lily sure did get a kick out of a truck full of pooh, though. I swear, she has the humor of a boy...

Sunday - May 31

Went to the beach ans Splash Park with my mom and little brother. The girls had a lot of fun! Ava did so much better with the water (it did still take her a little while to like it, but once we kind of forced her into in, she had fun). I miss the beach so much! It was so nice to be out there!

My little surfer girl.

Afterwards, we went McDonald's for lunch and some ice cream. Ava really enjoyed her ice cream :)

Monday - June 1

Went shopping with Nana. Lily loves to go shopping with Nana.

Tuesday June 2

I got sick. Not fun. Nate was awesome! He took care of me and the girls and gave up all his fishing trips!

Wednesday - June 3

Still a bit sick, but we headed down to Nana's for dinner. The kids always have so much fun there! They are so silly! Oh, and Ava is naked in all of these because they had ice pops and, well, Ava is Ava...

This is the essence of Lily. Singing and dancing. What a girl!

Thursday - June 4

Took it easy, still trying to recover from being sick. Then, Nate got it. Great. Sorry, honey!

Friday - June 5

Lily did a swim lesson with my brother! So fun! She actually did okay. He was able to get her to go completely under and blow bubbles. A big step! And, of course, my little hates the water baby chose the day that I did not put her in a swimsuit to decide to love the water! She kept trying to jump in and wanted to blow bubbles like Lily! Such a rascal!

Lily had so much fun with Uncle Ian!

Dangerous much? She is in the deep end here...

Very mad because I told her she had to sit on Daddy's lap so sissy could concentrate..

After the lap thing didn't work out, she got banished into the house and just stood at the doors glaring...

We also celebrated Nathan's mom's birthday. My camera was starting to run out batteries, so I didn't get any pictures, but we got the most wonderful cake at Publix. It was one of the fancy cakes they have in the bakery now. It was so yummy! Happy Birthday, Marcia!

Saturday - June 6

I got to go garage saleing! Yay! We also packed up for our trip to Red Top Mountain, GA.

Sunday - June 7 - Thurday - June 11

We left Sunday morning early (like 4 a.m.) to drive up to GA. MY in-laws have and RV, so the ride wasn't too bad. The girls slept some. And I got this great pic. So, so, so sweet...

I did not get a ton of pictures of in Red Top, because my camera battery was dying and I, of course, left the charger in Gainesville...The girls had a blast, though. Ava only tried to kill herself a few times...They were filthy the whole time, but that is part of what makes camping fun, right? It was beautiful up there. I didn't get any pictures of the lake, but it is wonderful. The water was perfect, although, Ava lost all her water bravery and wouldn't put more than her toes in.

Ava intensly watching Elmo.

Meet Wormy. Ava's new best friend.


Nate and his Dad with their catches.

Lily with the baby frogs she caught and desperately wanted to bring home.

They were named Lily and Ana (pronounce Ah-na).

Here they are when we got back with Nate's big Hybrid-Stripe Bass. So fun!

It was a great. It flew by! We are happy to be home, though...Hope everyone is having a great sumer!