Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Daddy to Ava after she was a good girl and used the potty: Ava, are you a pee-pee princess?
Lily (from another room): No, Daddy, princesses don't go potty!
Daddy: Well, how do they go pee-pee?
Lily: They don't!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yay! and an Update!

We found the camera! Thanks goodness (and, Aunt Dottie, thank you for the sweet offer to borrow yours!). Want to know how we found it? This is a good one. Well, we ended up having to go back into St. Augustine last weekend because we had to get our car worked on. So, as soon as we got to Nate's parents house, we start searching all over the house for the camera. No luck. So, Nate starts unpacking the car and goes, "Hey, did you ever check you laptop case?" Light bulb! "No! But that is where it is!" In my laptop case...that was in Gainesville with us...the whole week...while we freaked out about the camera. So, Nate goes,"You know what that makes you?" "Yes, blond and pregnant." I am totally claiming mommy brain on this one...

Anyhow, since we have the camera back, I can finally update the blog on our Christmas and such. So, here it goes!

Here are just a couple of silly pictures of the girls. I do a calendar
for the grandparents for Christmas every year and I needed a few more pics to fill up December layout, so we had a little impromptu photo session. They were, of course, more than happy to ham it up for me :)

The next pictures are from the girls' birthday. Nate was taking his National Boards, so we had my dad and grandmother come over and spend the day with us. After opening presents and playing for a bit we went down to Lake Alice to feed the turtles (or alligators). It was a nice walk. You would not believe the fun those silly girls had tugging on the trees on the way home. Way too much fun...

When we got back from our walk, the girls played in the pile of leaves that had been steadily accumulating in front of our apartment. They had a blast!

Then, it was time for some yummy ice cream cake. By the way, we learned a valuable lesson with this cake. There is apparantly a knock of brand of Carvel ice cream cakes. It is no where near as good as the real thing...

The next day, I think it was the 22nd or so, we celebrated our Christmas at home before we headed into St. Augustine for 3 weeks. The girls loved the Melissa and Doug ice cream set we gave them.

They also really like the Crayola bath color things they got in their stockings. These are pretty neat, they are just little tablets that change the color of the bath water. I mean, what could possible be better than a pink bubble bath?

Once we headed into St. Augustine, we got to meet our new niece/ cousin, Baby Aubrey Suzanne! She is such a cutie! Sorry for the grainy picture. She was not a fan of the flash...

One night in while we were in St, Augustine, Nate's parents did caroling at their house. Lily passed our in her Mimi's arms...Ava, not so much :)

Here are my little cheese balls at Nana's house for Christmas.

And, here's Grammy's house...


After Christmas, my sweet friend, Toni, let us stay at her house...with her amazing bathtub. I seriously love this tub. So do my girls. Especially when we out in bubbles. Here's a little secret. Bubble + jacuzzi tub = TONS OF BUBBLES! Here are the girls in the bubble pretending they are sharing the tub with some alligators and turtles...

Ah, the next one is a kind of random picture, but I wanted to share the story behind it. Lily saw this hook on our way out of the house and became super concerned about where the other half od the cat was... "But, Momma, how will it get out of the wall?"

Here are couple more silly pics. Lily requested we take pictures in the front yard at Mimi's house. Just for funsies. So, she ended up doing poses and demanding I take her picture...Ava, I have not idea what was up with that face. I am sure she was upset about something, but who know what!

Little Warrior!

So happy!


So cute!

Last, but not east, here they are snuggling up with Baby Aubrey! They are so in love with their baby cousin! Makes me super excited for them to meet our new baby girl!

Don't know what that face was all about!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just realized I have yet to post our big new on the blog. I think pretty much everyone knows the we are expecting Baby Girl #3 sometime in late June. We are all very excited about welcoming another sweet girl into our family. Lily definitely understands what is going on this time which is really cool. I think Ava kind of gets it because she periodically rubs my belly and talks about the baby in there. She makes me laugh, too, because before my SIL delivered her little girl (did I mention ours will be the tenth granddaughter on Nate's side, no boys yet) we were teasing her and yelling at her belly, "Come out, Baby!" The girls thought it was hilarious. Now, Ava has already started yelling for our baby to come out. I keep telling her the baby is too small yet, but she does not entirely grasp the whole baby growing concept... she is only two :)

It was so funny when we first told Lily we were having another baby, it was about a week or two before her birthday and she asked, "Is this baby going to be my birthday present this year?" When Ava was born on Lily's 2nd birthday, we told her that Ava was God's present to her! She was more than a little relieved that this would not be another December 21st baby.

Chatter Boxes

Ava is finally speaking well enough with a big enough vocabulary that she and Lily will have little conversations. Every once and awhile I am able to actually listen to the chatter going on between them. Right now, Lily is trying her hardest to convince Ava she is a boy. Here's a little snip-it:

L: You're a boy!
A: No, I Ava!
L: You're Ava Boy!
A: Ava Boy? I Ava Boy? No, I Ava Girl!
L: You're Ava Boy Girl!
A: Ava Boy Girl?

We'll see how confused Ava emerges from this little exchange :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, we just got back a couple of days ago form a 3week long trip to St. Augustine. It is sooo nice to be back in my own bed! My camera, however, has yet to be located, so blog posts are likely to be few until I either find it or replace it...oh, and anyone we visited in St. Augustine who may stumble across it, please let me know. It is greatly missed :(