Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stuff to Remember

- You say something is "tasty" when you think it tastes bad.
- Aubrey is your buddy. I love listening to the two of you chatter away at each other!

- Your teacher calls you her "little fashionista" and expects to see  you on the cover of Vogue some day!
- You always walk on your toes!
- You save some of your snack everyday to give to Emmie when you get out of school.

-You are super into reading and have no fewer than four Magic Treehouse Books going at once. I bought you some cupcake bookmarks that came in a four pack, so I think you decided you had to start four books so you could use them all!
- You have been making breakfast for yourself and you sisters on school days. It amazes me. You are such a big girl and such a wonderful helper.

-All of you climb into bed with us every Saturday morning and, even though I complain about being woken up so early, I absolutely love having all my babies curled up under the covers with me! -

Monday, April 1, 2013

March on Facebook

March 4: Think Emmie likes the spinach smoothies!

March 6: She can certainly do pitiful!

March 12: My poor Ava is sick again! Just a cold this time, but those school germies are sure doing a number on her this year!

March 13: So, the little one is still running around with zero clothes on...she may or may not have been doing this since she got up around 8:45 (I caught Ava's cold and it is just not high on the priority list to make her get dressed). Anyways, I asked her if she was going to ever put clothes on today. She said, "Yes." I said, "When?" She said, "Like, four hours."

March 14: My two year old is CRAZY! She is currently crying because she wanted to make me cry by saying mean things to me (like that she doesn't love me and I am mean and she wants me to go away) and I didn't. Nuts. She is nuts. Or, maybe, she is just two...thinking they are the same thing. Don't know what gets into that child sometimes.

March 19: Lily made her sisters toaster strudels for breakfast. Emma got up, sat down at the table, looked at her toaster strudel, and burst into tears. When I asked her what was wrong she said, "I wanted my face on my toaster strudel!!!" So, I used what little icing was left to draw a little smiley face on her breakfast. She did not stop crying. Once again, I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I wanted a crying face on my toaster strudel!!!" Apparently, she wanted a more exact image of her current facial expression! Such a nut biscuit!