Sunday, September 1, 2013

August on Facebook

August 7: Drinking out of the hose. What summer is all about!

So proud of my girl! So great watching her try and try and finally ride her bike sans training wheels! Yay, Lily!

August 9: Celebrating 10 years! Love you, Nathan Nemecek! — with Nathan Nemecek atAmelia Island.
Photo: Celebrating 10 years! Love you, Nathan Nemecek!

August 19: Off to her first day of second grade! I cannot believe she is so big!

All of them in their summer tie dye!

August 20: My little bug off to get first day of kindergarten! Can't believe she is so big!

And, the matching outfits!

August 25: Mommy: Emma, you have a very soft bum bum.
Emma: It's because I ate lip balm.
August 27: Cutest lunch date ever! — at Crucial Coffee Cafe.
Photo: Cutest lunch date ever!

Did they only have one room schools when you were in school?

August 28: At the old PMHS swim meet watching the baby bro. Brings back a lot of memories! — with Elijah Z Worz.

August 31: Mumford in two weeks! Cannot wait!!!