Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kid's Chef Hat Tutorial

Well, I have had a couple of people ask me how I made the little chef set for Madison. So, this is my attempt at a tutorial. I am going to go ahead and post one for the hat and one for the apron separately. This one is for the hat. Also, if there is anything that doesn't make sense on this or it just completely confuses you, check out this tutorial from Stardust Shoes. I didn't use it to make my hat, but I did use it to kind of figure out certain parts of the hat making. Alright, here goes nothing! Please, let me know if any of this is unclear or confusing...I'm not sure I took enough pictures, so the next time I make one of these, I may have to add some more!

  • One 20 x 20 in piece of fabric for the top (mine are actually only 17 x 17 because that is what I had, but I think they would be better looking if they were fuller)
  • One 6 x 26 in piece of fabric for the band (again, this is slightly larger than what I used, but I think they will look better this way)
  • One 5 x 20 piece of lightweight fusible interfacing for the band
  • One 2.5 in piece of Velcro
  • Onc piece of fabric cut 9 x 1.5
Cut materials. Now, fold the 20 x 20 piece in half and then in half again. Next, draw an arc with a pencil from one corned to the other, making sure all your folded edges are inside the arc. Then cut out the arc. You should en up with a piece looking something like this:

Now, open up the fabric and it should look kind of like a circle (does not need to be perfect, just kind of circular in). On one of the creases cut out a little notch about 4 in long. Like this:

You could probably skip this part, but I like the way the hat looks with it and I think it makes it a little more flexible size wise, as well.

Next, take the fusible interfacing and lay it on the piece of fabric you cut for the band. It should have about a 1/2 in all around the interfacing. (Please ignore my super ugly Goodwill cutting board, it has been begging me for a new cover, but I have yet to get around to it).

Now, fold over the edges of the band the whole way around. Fold the excess band fabric just over the interfacing (so, about 1/2 in) and iron. The interfacing does not go to the end of the band, so on the end where the interfacing is short, just fold over the same amount as the area where the interfacing is. It should end up looking like this:

My interfacing is now encased by fabric and I have a folded edge on all four sides of my band. Now, fold the whole band in half and iron.

It should look like this if you open it up:

Alright, next, take the 9 x 1.5 piece of fabric and fold the edges into the center. Like this:

Next, fold it in half like this:

Now, place this piece around the little notch you cut out of the top piece of the hat and pin. You want to place the fabric of the top piece inside the folded piece. Does that make sense? It should end up looking like this:

Don't worry if you get a little bit of a wrinkle, it won't matter once all the rest is attached. This is what this will look like on the complete hat:

Alright, I don't have any pictures while I was making it for the next part...Ava kept asking me to put bracelets on her and I forgot to take pictures...sorry. I took some picture of the completed hat to try to give you some idea of what I am talking about, but, I will try to do my best to explain...

Alright, now, take the top of the hat and place one of the edges of your notch inside the fold of the band, lined up with the edge of the band that has the interfacing and pin. Like this:

Now, take the band of the hat and fold the area of it with the interfacing into quarters. Do not include the end that does not have any interfacing. Next, the top already has creases that divide it into quarters, so you need to match those creases up to the creases on the band and pin them. Again, you want to pin the top fabric in between the fold of the band so that you end up with a finished edge on both sides. Next, pin the areas between the creases creating evenly space gathers the whole way around. Be sure you pin these! Use a LOT of pins, so you don't end up with this:

Now, just stitch around all four side of the band (I'd start with the top side, so that you can take out the pins to do the rest). Then, attach velcro to the band just to the side of the opening where the notch was in the top and to the end of the band with no interfacing and your done!

Pop it on your little baker and enjoy!

Let me know if I need to tweak this at all! I am hoping to have an apron tutorial up sometime next week! Thanks!


Jeannie Worz said...

Wow Tori, did you have a film crew come in and take pictures for you. That looks so professional - good job Martha! I love that you are sewing, and you have passed me up in skill already! Mom

Bellamarin said...

Thanks Tori I will try it...pray for me!

Ashlee said...

Oh my goodness, that is so CUTE!!! I will definitely try to make one of these. Thanks for the tutorial!