Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whirlwind Couple of Weeks: Atlanta Edition

Well, here is part two of the craziness that has been going on around here. My mother-in-law goes to Atlanta around this time every year. There is a large dental meeting that she goes to get some Continuing Education credits...and, she goes to shop. There is also an apparel mart in Atlanta that opens it's doors to the dentists and their staff/ families during the meeting for a small fee. So, at this mart, they sell what they call "samples," which are usually items that were worn on the runway or used to show to buyers from stores before mass producing them. They also sell lots of jewelry, bags, and accessories at wholesale prices. Anyhow, I have been a couple of times in the pass to partake in the shopping and going around the exhibit floor of the meeting (where all kinds of dental companies pass out all kinds of goodies). Well, we thought that my MIL was not going to be going this year...that is until about 2 weeks ago. She invited Nate to go up with her (he can attend classes for free because he is still a student), but we decided that it was not a wise decision for him to leave me and the girls because he has a few other obligations and trips planned this year that will require him leaving...well, after we explained this to my MIL, she e-mailed us last Sunday that I could come, too...so, last Monday, with a mere 3 days before the trip, we ran around trying to find someone to watch the kids (thank you so much Carey, Walt, and Mom!) and trying to reschedule Nate's patients! We worked everything out and headed up to Atlanta on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. We had about 4 days kid free. I got to shop, Nate got to learn new stuff (I know, he's such a dork...he too off school to go to classes...silly boy), we ate at lots of yummy restaurants, stayed in a lovely hotel, and I got to the Coke Museum with my sister-in-law! So fun! I've got a few pics to share, but first I need to send out hug thank yous to everyone that helped with the kids and my MIL and FIL who payed for all our meals and the hotel while we were up there! Thanks so much everyone!

The first round of pics are from the Coke Museum. My SIL, Katie, and I went while the dental people were all in classes.

Here's Katie with some really nifty Coke bottles!

The next few pictures are of some vintage coke stuff. It was very cool (although, this room didn't have any AC and was horribly stuffy...)

This is "Fizzy Bot." He is a robot working on the Coke producing line.

Coke pop art.

Katie and I before heading in the 4-D movie (isn't the fourth demention time?), which was so unbelievably corny...

This is the tasting room. There are 64 different flavors of Coke from all around the world that you can try out!

Our favorite was from Asia!

Yummy Smart soda from China tasted like a liquid Watermelon Jolly Rancher...mmmm...


They even gave us a free coke to take home!

Katie with the founder of Coca-Cola.

The Atlanta skyline...as seen from the roof of our hotel.

Katie in the fountain in Centeniall Park!

Katie next to the freaky eye tree we found in the park.

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