Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots of Random Fun Stuff

I have a bunch of random pictures that I figured I would post...seeing as some of you like to get on my case (Mom) if I don't post pictures like every 3 days! So, this should hold you over for the weekend :)

First up, we have Ava "Shades" Nemecek. Not the best picture, but she was just so pleased with herself in her sunglasses. She kept running back over to me asking me to put them back on her...after she had pulled them off, of course! She is actually walking around in them right now, too. She really thinks they're neat.

Next, we have the lovely Ava modeling with the blanket I had to tape up over the girls window to stop all the freezing cold air from coming in and turning them into popsicles in the middle of the night...ah, the joys of student housing...Lily loved the blanket, though, she told me I made her bedroom into a fort.

Then, she decided to climb on top of their toy-chest and we had a little impromptu photo session with Tolee (sp?) the Koala (yes, like the koala on Kai-Lan). Oh, and don't you love the scribble on the wall that is there from before Ava was born...

The next picture is kinda nasty looking, so let me explain that it is not any sort of bodily fluid. It is one of those window gelees that melted...I think it used to be a heart. Anyhow, we had gotten some new ones from Target and when we went take off our old ones, quite a few of them had melted. Bummer. Lily did have a lot of fun putting up her new ones, though!

A bath picture...I can never resist bath pictures..although, I wish I had washed Ava's face first...

We went to playfground yesterday and I got some really cute ones of the girls.

Lily is keeping an eye on the squirrels...she has developed a paralyzing fear of squirells...and worms...

Kind of an up the nose shot, but I liked it none the less.


Peek-a-Boo, too!

She is getting so stinking big!

So is she!

Where's Ava?

And, of course, Lily wanted her picture peeking through the bench (well, over the bench in her case).

I love this one. Her big bright eyes, her cute little smile (that is her real smile, not a cheesey camera one).

So serious!

I can reach the sky!

I really like this one of her, too...

Sweet Baby Face...messy, again, though...

Finally, I have some videos of Ava sliding. It is a new talent she has discovered and she has so much fun! The second one is a little jumpy, but it is pretty funny.


Lark said...

Great photos!!

Bellamarin said...

Seriously Tori I just HAVE to have the little bakers outfit you gave Madison for her birthday for Bella. I will pay you if you make it for me!Please Please Please!!!!! or worse case scenario tell me where you got the pattern...idea. I know it was in an older post but I have a sewing problem...I can never get my stupid bobbin right so I lose patience with it!

Anonymous said...

so cute!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.