Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grad Cup and a Museum Trip

I thought I had more usable Grad Cup pictures, but most of them came out blurry. Bummer. I have to figure our how to take not blurry pictures at night...Anyhow, these first two are from the football game for Grad Cup a couple of night ago. There was another little boy there around Ava's age and they were just too cute together! When we were walking back over to watch the game, he reached out and was holding her hand while they walked! So sweet! I realized that Ava doesn't really get to play with kids her own age except for at MOPS (and even there most of the babies are quite a bit younger than her). We really only play with Lily's was fun seeing her with another little one!

Deer in headlights?

This is Ava and Owen, the little boy we met, trading flowers. They were so cute!

Speaking of Lily's friends, we went to the Natural History Museum with Madison a few days ago. It was fun. They have a new Everglades exhibit that was really neat. I think the kids had the most fun playing out front by the fountain after they had run us through the museum!

Ava had so much fun spinning the world. This is always a big hit with the kids. They touch the little blue button and make the big holographic world spin.

Checking out the cocoons.

Lily and Madison being silly while Ava tried to lay down on the steps...she would not sit for me!

Nigh, nigh! She kept trying to lay down while we were at the museum...on the steps, the floor, the benches, wherever!

I love this one! I wish I had pushed her hair out of her face, though!

Ava loved the fountain!

She also thought it was really funny to run as far away as I would let her get and start dancing and yelling :)

Love those eyes...

Pretty flowers!

Ava thought it was really funny to try climb into the stroller. She wouldn't look up at the camera though, which she also seemed to think was hilarious!

Not sure what the silly girls were doing here...probably dancing!

Ava has discovered a new joy in playing in the dirt. I think she was burying herself here...

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Lark said...

I like the hair in the face actually, looks like she was caught mid action, not posing. Amelia's hair is always in her face, I think it bugs me more than it does her.