Monday, March 23, 2009

Whirlwind Couple of Weeks!

Oh my, but it has been a crazy week and a half! And, the fun is just beginning :) Sorry, I have not been around much lately! We have been out of town a lot! Let me start with some pictures from a the weekend before last. We went into St. Auggie, so Nate could catch his "monster" (which he got, by the way...there is a picture below). While we were there, I decided that I had to take the girl to the beach. It was just too beautiful and warm to not get them out to the beach...and, I have a goal to have a tan this summer, so it seemed like as good a time as any to start on that! There is this great little Splash Park by the pier in St. Augustine that we went to. It was little chilly (not that Lily minded) and it Ava was really not sure about the whole water thing, but I think they had fun!

I love these next pictures and thought they were kind of fun with the filter on them...kind of old timey looking...

This is Ava and by brother's girlfriend, Lauren.

The girl and Uncle Elijah.

Here is Nate and his "monsters." Two lovely giant sheephead are waiting in our freezer for a delicious fish dinner :)

Alright, so as not to pile too much into one post, I am going to do a separate on our last minute Atlanta trip last weekend!

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