Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco from MomSelect

Well, I don't know how many of you have heard of MomSelect, but I wanted to let you know briefly what it is and why I am so excited to share information about it with you! Here is the overview from the MomSelect website:

"Moms are the most powerful consumer group in the world. Companies each day try to connect with you with marketing messages, product information and brand promises. Some do it well while others fall short.

For over a decade, BSM Media has been working to help companies speak to moms about products and brands in a relevant and valuable manner. It has been the passion of Maria Bailey, BSM Media's CEO and author of "Marketing to Moms," to educate companies on the buying power of mothers, the intelligence that they apply to purchasing products and solutions they seek for their family via value, price, safety, health and enrichment. Today she and her team work with the biggest brands around the globe to deliver marketing programs that respect, honor and leverage relationships with real-life moms.

The best marketing relationships are a two way street -- a two way dialogue. Mom Select is a platform that allows mothers to choose to participate in marketing programs and creates a place for you to let us know about marketing opportunities in your community. Our mission is to create a bridge between moms and brands.

BSM Media offers a variety of ways to engage with companies. They are fun, educational and empowering and allow you to share free samples with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms. Best of all, YOU get to choose the programs!"

Well, I signed up with MomSelect as a Mom Blogger a few months ago. I got a lot of e-mails with discount codes and some offering free tickets to shows, none of which were in our area...until, I recieved an e-mail last week offering tickets to Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco which is coming to the O'Connell Center in May! I was obviously thrilled to recieve the tickets and, MomSelect sent me a link to put up for all my readers who are interested in going to recieve dicounted tickets! Yay! I will let you all know how the show was in May! Thanks so much to MomSelect for giving me this opportunity!

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Saltimbanco said...

Thanks for posting! I hope your readers will check out our special ticket over here:

Enjoy the show!