Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

Ah, home at last! For now, anyhow! We spent all of last week in St. Augustine. Nathan had Spring Break, so we headed in the Saturday before last to spend a good long time visiting and playing with friends and family! We had so much fun while we were there! Nathan was fishing like crazy, the girls and I visited lots of friends, and we got to go the zoo! It was, I have a lot of pictures to show everyone! Here it goes:

The girls and I walked down to a dock near my in-laws house with Nathan. He was catching bait for a fishing trip, but the girls just love to go down there and see the water. I let them put their toes in, but it was still pretty chilly!

Silly girl!

Lily loves being around the water and watching her Daddy do fishing stuff!

Ava had a lot of fun just running around the dock.

Ava and I started the walk back before Nathan and Lily (she's a little slower and the fact that she wanted to pick up every stick on the way slowed her down even more).

I mean every stick...

One morning, we spent just hanging out at my in-laws' house. The girls played in the front yard and then, Daddy took them around to the back to see the amazing amount of frogs in the pool.

Ava loves my in-laws' cats!

Playing soccer.

Trying so hard to kick the ball!

Lily holding a baby frog.

Lily introducing a frog to her "yucky frog."

There were an absurd amount of breeding frogs in my in-laws' pool.

My little pig tail girls (so happy I can do something with Ava's hair now)!

I have to take a minute to brag on Ava. She is the best little sleeper ever! She will simply go to sleep wherever she is once she gets tired...when I say wherever, I really mean wherever. She passed out in her high chair while eating french fries. She would wake up a little and start chewing then fall back asleep. It was too funny!

The girls also got to play with a new friend, Kylie. They played with the hose and some water balloons in the front yard. So fun!

We went to the Jacksonville Zoo with my mom and my little brother. The girls had so much fun! It was a blast! Lily told us the day before hand that she was going to go to the zoo to pick a pet. Do you think it's against University Housing Policy to keep an elephant in your apartment?

Lily loved the flamingos!

Her favorite, though, was the stingrays, which we got to pet and feed. I also got her a stuffed stingray to bring home with us. She named it Madison :)

This is my little brother, Elijah.

They had this great splash park at the zoo! Lily loved it! Ava was not so sure about it...

I will not touch the water!

It took a little while, but Grammy and Sissy finally got Ava to enjoy the water (love those chubby little fingers)!

The goats from the petting zoo area.

Elijah and Lily on the Wildlife Carousel.

More flamingos :)

Ava and a...tapir, I think...

Ava and an otter.

Fun in the fountain!

Nathan took an overnight trip with his Dad and brothers up to South Carolina to go fishing. They came back with 141 lbs of freshwater cat fish! It was crazy!

Nate and the girls with the biggest cat. He weighed in at around 22 pounds!

All 13 of the fish they caught!

This one was almost as big as Lily!

Oh! And, here is a fun video of the guys fishing trip:

Here are the girls just hanging out in the front yard, in their jammies.

Ava is the queen of the mess makers!

We went down to my Nana's house one night, too. Lily had gotten a hair cut earlier in the day and the hairdresser curled her hair so pretty! The last pictures are my absolute favorite of Lily! They are so beautiful!

Love this one of the girls!

This is Lily's "rock collection."

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