Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vicious Fishes

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before that we live right across the street form the Florida Museum of Natural history. Anyhow, whenever the museum gets a new exhibit, they play commercials on our local PBS station, so of course, Lily starts begging me to take her to the exhibits. We haven't been going as much lately because it just costs an arm and a leg to get in to an exhibit that the kids may or may not (most likely may) just sprint through. So, the newest exhibit started airing commercials a few weeks ago. It's called Vicious Fishes and is about Amazon aquatic life. As soon as Lily saw this commercial, she started begging to go to "Vishish Fishes." It was too cute to hear her say it and we actually got the chance to go for free with our student IDs during Museum Nights. Daddy even came, too!

Lily checking out the super cool aquarium.

Ava finding bugs.

Future scientist?

Ava found this wall mural with all these drawers in it full of shells and stuff.

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