Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Out and About

The weather is finally cooling down a bit here and we have been taking full advantage of it. I really enjoy being outside with the kids, so I love fall and spring when it is not too hot or cold. We took a trip to the playground one morning last week and let the kids run around.

Not sure what turned her orange in this picture, but, no, Ava is not an umpaloompa.

Check out the 'tude.

Ah, notice anything else here that is different? Pants! For the first time in months Lily is wearing pants not a dress! Bright pink, sorta baggie pants, but pants none-the-less!

Trying to climb onto the roof of the playhouse.

Sulking because I told her, No, I will not put you on top of the playhouse.


...is really,

...really fun!

She desperately wanted her shoes off. Recognize those, Kim?

We also went on a walk with Daddy one evening. We ended up at our little basketball court. The girls had fun chasing around the baskballs and trying to make "goals" as Lily calls them. We should probably teach her a little more about sports at some point...

Attitude even on the basketball court!

Ava showing me her ant friend.

I got her to put him down so he wouldn't bite her, but she insisted he get back on her hand.

She got him, but of course, he bit her. So sad, but nothing a kiss couldn't fit.

Ava loves squirrels these days. She is always tring to catch them so that she can pet them.

Darn, just a little too slow.

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