Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nickelodoen Resort!

So, waaaayyyyy back in January I won a giveaway from this blog for a two night stay at Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando. We were finally able to use it last week! It was out first real family vacation. Just us. We had so much fun. We drove in to Orlando from St. Augustine, which made it like a 3.5 hour drive. Thankfully, Ava passed out.

The most fun feature of the resort was the pool/ small water park area. They had a kids' splash area and all these big slides. So fun!

We ate at Burger King the first night and the kids though this little care table was awesome!

The 'suite' had a little room with two twin beds for the kiddos that came off the living room area with a curtain for the door and an actual bedroom for the adults (with a real door). I think the girls really like having the big beds to sleep in.

Nifty (and kind of creepy) Sponge Bob mural in their room.

While we were there, the kids got to do lots of stuff they had never done before. They got their first pool lesson...

...well, Lily did. Ava was too short. It's a hard life when you're less than 3 feet tall.

They got to play putt-putt golf. The golf course had different sports balls on every hole that the girls loved climbing on. Lily even made me take her picture on a bunch of them.

We found Blue's paw prints.

Fell in love with a plastic Dora...

Saw a cool swan...well, I though it was cool, the kids were too busy running back to plastic Dora to care about it.

Anyone remember this show? Wild Thornberry's. Before my kids' time.

Rugrats! Also before their time.

"Atricks!" as Ava says.

Sponge Bob.

We also got to meet some of the characters. Lily was so excited she could barely contain herself. Once it was her turn to meet Dora, she ran over to her on her tip toes and then ran right back to me. She was just so excited. Ava didn't cry about the characters like I thought, but she only wanted to see them from about 8 feet away. No closer.

This was as close as she would get, and I am pretty sure Nate nudged her to get her this close.

Dora and Blue.

Sponge Bob!

Ava in the bathtub she turned blue with M&Ms.

On one of our trips to the zero entry pool, Lily decided Ava needed to come in with her. Ava doesn't hate water anymore, but it's not her best friend either. So, Lily dragged Ava into the pool. Ava didn't fuss, just kind of quietly dragged her feet.

Okay, so they're out, doing okay. Then, Lily runs over to me and Nate and leave Ava alone in the water. Uh oh. Ava starts to freak a little.

So. we send Lily out for her first rescue.

Well, Ava had now wised up to the fact that Lily may be dragging her some place only to leave her again, so she wanted nothing to do with her. They wrestled for awhile pretty much on top of that poor man behind them before I sent Nate out to retrieve Ava.

The splash park area had the water guns that were Ava's absolute favorite things.

Nate convinced Lily to go on the big water slides and she loved them! It was so cool to see her doing something like that!

Just so you can see how big the slides were, here she is with on of the biggest ones. She just made the height limit by like and inch!

Ava felt the slides were "toooo woud!" So, we spent most of our time at the splash park.

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