Saturday, October 24, 2009

10 Things.

1. Cool, crisp, autumn weather (well, a taste of it anyhow).

2. Reader Rabbit (Lily is hooked).

3. Sweet little "Wub you." from my baby girl.

4. Slightly over 1/2 a year to go until we are DONE!

5.That we should be able to get a mortgage right away when we are done.

6. Lily's snuggles in the morning.

7. Wearing one size smaller jeans than last year!

8. Mint Chocolate Truffle coffee creamer.

9. FlashFoward (a good show to hold me over until Lost starts).

10. Free carpet cleaning at our apartment (with our potty training girl I was so happy when they did this!)

That's my 10 things for today, what are yours?

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