Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maguire Fall Festival

Every year, our village has an awesome fall festival. Lily always has a blast! It is one of the few things we will miss when we leave here! Last week, the girls donned their Hello Kitty Halloween shirts and we headed over to the festival for some fun and candy! Here they are showing off their shirts...well, Lily was. Ava was checking out the squirrels!

Ava checking out the giant hissing cockroach. I think she would have hugged this thing if the guy had let her! So gross!

Lily playing Halloween Twister. So fun! She did a great job!

Here are the girls getting their faces painted like cats. Ava held so still and did not even blink the whole time the girl was painting her face! Then, she immediately started scratching it off.

Here they are playing Candy Corn Toss. Ava just walked up to the buckets and dropped them in rather than actually trying to toss them.

Lily in her super hero mask.

Lily's balloon flower. Ava didn't like the balloon guy, so she didn't get one...

Here they are playing musical chairs. Ava did not want to play, but she still wanted to sit in a chair, so she just let everyone else play around her! I had to laugh, because the game was being run by a bunch of college students and it took some of them a minute to decide if they wanted to let the little kids beat them or not.


Ava would not take the lollipop out!

Second face painting of the night. So pretty!

Lily and her buddy, Ben (a.k.a. Dash Incredible).

Digging for eyeballs. Yum...

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