Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Nightgowns

Sorry about all the posts at once, but the blog has been badly neglected lately...

Here are a couple of nightgowns for Lily. They were both supposed to be Christmas presents, but I made the mistake of trying to work on the second one while she was up. It was soooo easy, though, so I may be making more like it soon. The first is Tinkerbell material and I just copied it from another nightgown. The second I got the idea from here. I didn't do anything fancy to it, though I may add something later on to the front. The pillowcase was a freebie from our laundry room, so it was the perfect the one to try this out on. It seriously took like 10 minutes to do and was so super easy. There will be more as soon as I can find some cute pillowcases.

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