Friday, October 23, 2009

Name Your Tune CD Review and Giveaway

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Name Your Tune personalized CD. Now, my girls have received CDs similar to this, but they were never very interested in them because usually the songs were ones they had never heard. I was really pleased that this CD had songs they were familiar with! They loved hearing their names in songs like Old MacDonald and If You're Happy and You Know It. I also liked that I was able to get one CD that had both kids names on it! The songs alternated whose name was inserted. I think these CDs would make really great Christmas and birthday presents for any child, boy or girl. Here is some info from the Name Your Tune website:

Name Your Tune CD is a fresh and exciting children's music compilation that is made-to-order and features your child's name more than 80 times throughout the 14-song CD. The songs include the children's songs that we all know and love.

We can incorporate multiple names on a Name Your Tune CD...with pleasure. There is no extra cost to have more than one name included throughout our songs. To do this, we alternate songs between the names. When you place your order, simply put the names in the space indicated.

Name Your Tune Playlist

    1. Hello, How Are You?
    2. If You're Happy And You Know It
    3. Old MacDonald
    4. Oh How I Want to Go
    5. Wheels on the Bus
    6. Boom Boom, Ain't It Great To Be YOU!
    7. Down By The Park
    8. The More We Get Together
    9. Head and Shoulders
    10. There are Seven Days
    11. Rainbow Song
    12. ABC Medley
    13. I Don't Want To Live On The MoonInstrumental Lullaby

Name Your Tune features dynamic performances by Lenny Graf (Parent Choice Award winning and Juno nominated children's performer), Paul Humphrey, Barbara Vermeullen, and Tracey Erin Smith.

Special Features:

  • Adding a personal message from you on the CD label makes Name Your Tune all the more special and a treasured keepsake.
  • The faces of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and parents light up when they hear their name in their favourite songs!
  • Children feel a sense pride and self-esteem as every song is about them. CFRB's Dr. Mickey Lester says, "Name Your Tune stimulates children and encourages language development."
  • Proudly Made in Canada.
  • A portion from the sale of each CD will be donated to Hear Here, the Toronto-based non-profit organization that provides hearing aids for children. For more information, please visit

Special Touches

Do you want to include something special with your gift? We offer Special Touch services including notecard enclosures and giftwrapping, etc.

Please note: Notecard messages can be included during checkout process in the "Enter Questions, comments, instructions or a gift note for the recipient" field.

The site offers over 4,000 pre-recorded names. They give you the options to spell the name like you want to so that it appears on the CD as your child spells it. They have also attempted to include different pronunciations so that your child names sounds like you want it to on the CD.

The great folks over at Name Your Tune have offered to giveaway one personalized CD to one of my readers! Go check out the website, and then let me know in a comment below what name(s) you would want on your CD. Giveaway will close on November 23.

Name Your Tune also wants to give a special discount to my readers! Yay! Enter the code daddysgirls at checkout to receive $5 off your purchase!


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Aurora and Landon!

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looks great! my little man loves to dance!!