Thursday, April 16, 2009


The girls had so much fun celebrating Easter last week. We did the little egg hunt and Easter Festival they had here at Maguire last Wednesday. Poor Lily only got like 8 eggs, but she still had fun.

Isn't that a sweet dress? Gotta love Old Navy.

Lily and her friend Sienna.

Ava loves this horse. She plays on it every time we go to the playground!

On Easter Sunday, we headed over to Grammy's farm house. We spent the day relaxing, egg hunting, coloring eggs, and playing. It was a lot of fun.

Ava and Pa checking out her Easter Basket. Pa looks a little confused by the bubble wand : )

Lauren and Ian showing off one of their East goodies...

Now, the egg hunt. There are a lot of pictures of this. A lot. Mostly of Ava. Lily was pretty much just a streak. Oh, and I did want to mention that some of the pics are by Lauren, my brother's girlfriend. She had an awesome camera. I am a little jealous...

Thought this was a nice picture of Ian that Lauren took.

Mom's dog, Letti.

Elijah looking...well, 13.

Nate trying to save Ava from the ants. She was more mad about him making her stanf still than about the ants...

Later, we had a silly string fight. This was short-lived, but very fun.

Is Nate hiding behind Lily??? Way to go, Daddy. Using your three year old as as human shield...

Cute picture, but don't worry, it is totally posed...they did not all attack Lily :)

Doing her little dance.

The kids also dyed some eggs.

Well, Ava ate one...

As we were leaving, we found a bunch of little grasshoppers and the girls had to play with Grammy's eggs hanging in the front yard!

Love those fat little feet!

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