Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Crafty Goodness

It's funny, I was just telling my Mom this morning that this week has flown by and I can't seem to figure out what I have gotten done! Well, here are a few things...although, completing these doesn't really make my week any more productive...just crafty :) It does explain why I didn't get more housework done...

I decided the girls needed some cute Gator gear to wear to the baseball games coming up soon. I think these will do quite nicely.

The pink skirts I made using this tutorial. The blue, orange, and white ones I used this tutorial. Then, for the shirts, just appliqued some of the fabric on the front to make an outfit. Everything was really easy to make and really fun. I just hope everything fits okay!

I also finished up the baker's dozen of donuts I started back in...maybe January. I did not intend for these to all be for my girls, some were supposed to go as presents to various birthday girls, but the only one who actually received hers was Madison. So, we ended up with 13 know, I bet that means I shorted Madison one...whoops...

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