Sunday, April 19, 2009

Park Playdate and Soccer Tournament

On Friday, we met up with Madison and Kim at the park for some much needed playtime! The girls had lots of fun (as always!). The first picture of Lily makes me laugh. She always shows her emotions with every inch of her body. She was very happy in this picture, and her whole body shows it!

We had a picnic, so, of course, we had to get cupcakes!

Which Ava hugged...she really likes cupcakes...

On Saturday, Nate participated in a soccer tournament played by all the different housing villages...we came in third of four, but everyone had fun! It was kind of funny watching Nate play, because he we playing with a lot of internationals (I think there were only 4 Americans there) who have been playing since they were little kids and Nate has never played soccer...We brought lots of snacks and balls for the kids and some of Lily's friends from Maguire came to watch their dads' play, too. Oh, and I put the girls in their new Gator outfits. So cute. I think I may have to make some more of the skirts in some pretty floral fabrics...

I love watching Ava run. She pretty much just thrusts herself forward in such a way that it looks like if she were to try to stop, she would just fall flat on her face.

There had been a lot of hugging going on lately...

Which is super sweet...

But, often ends like this.

Ava wants to learn to do somersaults like her big sis.

Nigh-nigh on Grammy's lovely quilt.

It's a little girl pile up! The cute little blondie is Lily's friend Sienna and the other little girl, Antonia, was actually born the same day as Ava. It was funny seeing them together because Ava is about 2 inches taller and prbabaly a solid 5lbs heavier.

All the girls playing in the dirt.

Ava chilled with me in the shade for quite a while when Lily was playing in the dirt. She was so cute watching the game and just playing around.

She looks so much like her Daddy!

There he is! Playing goalie...hehehe...

Here are a couple more park/ cupcake shots from my friend Kim's blog.

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