Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some News and Random Things About the Girls

Some exciting news...I found out last night that my sister-in-law, Carey, is expecting! This will be her and my brother-in-law's first baby and we are super excited for them! I think it was a bit of a surprise as they are both still in college, but I am so excited that there will be another little one around! So, congrats Carey and Nick! When I told Lily that Aunt Carey was going to have a baby, she asked me if the baby was going to come and live here. Silly girl. She desperately wants another little sister. She keeps asking me for one...I'm not sure why, the one she has seems to just drive her nuts!

So, no pics in this post. The University internet is on the fritz again...lovely. I am just crossing my fingers that I will even be able to publish this...anyhow, I did want to put up a few things I wanted to remember about the kids.

Ava - Such an awesome little baby. Well, not so little anymore. She will eat everything put in front of her (avocado, broccoli, green beans, you name it). She is also a champion sleeper. I can pretty much let her decide when she wants to nap because she will tell me when she's tired (Big Sis will fight sleep with all her might even when she is exhausted). She will just go, "Nigh-nigh." and go to bed. She has even put herself to bed before in Lily's bed when I didn't get in there quick enough. Such a little nut. She is getting this great little personality. She is still super snuggly and I love that she will come and sit on my lap and just want to be touched. She loves having her hair brushed...I think because it is physical contact. She loves to dance. Any music, even if it is just for a few seconds on TV, will send her rocking and spinning. She wants to be just like her big sister! She keeps wanting to sit on the potty. She has no idea what it's for (she usually will spit in it becauce she sees Lily do that after she brushes her teeth), but I am hopeful for an early potty trainer...very hopeful :)

Lily - She has such crazy little thoughts. She keeps me laughing. Her newest thing is if you ask her to do something or tell her we're doing something she doesn't like, she will initially argue, but when she knows our minds are made up, she will get quiet and a few minutes later go, "Okay, I want to do _____." It's quite funny because she says it as though it were a completely new and novel thought. She wants to go to school. She keeps asking me for a backpack and telling me she wants to go to school to fix people's teeth. Boy, is she in for a surprise in kindergarten...Ava drives her nuts most of the time, but she hates being away from her and is worried when she is not around. She is learning to be a great Big Sister. Most of the short-comings she has are a result of seeing me and my shortcomings with Ava (i.e. not being patient with her and loosing my temper), but she is helping me with these things just like I am helping her. She will remind me to be nice and to not yell. She is so sweet about it, too. She is very high emotion. When she is excited, she is WAY excited (her whole body will show her excitement). When she is sad, she is very sad. She definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve. She loves to dance and toe sing her own songs.

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