Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on the Sickies...

Thanks so much everyone for all the prayers and well wishes for the girls! Ava seems to be doing much better! She is her usual smiley self! It takes an awful lot to get that little one down! She is taking her medicine like a champ and seems to be feeling just fine! She is getting into lots of trouble without her Sissy to play with! Lily finally slept through the night last night (first time in about a week) and she's actually still asleep right now at 8:00, which is late for my girls, so yay! Hopefully, the sleep will help her feel better! She is not a fan of the medicine and it's this big drama whenever she has to take it (twice a day, fun), but I am just hoping she is feeling better by next week before our trip to St. Auggie! Thanks again, everyone!

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