Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The kids and I had a very fun day yesterday. It started, unfortunately, at around 5:30...the girls have been sick and I think Lily coughed herself awake. After everyone had gotten up and gotten dressed, Lily wanted to go outside and "play catch." It was nice and cool, so I was happy to oblige her sudden desire for outdoor play.

Here she is playing catch...we still have a lot to work on!

Ava playing with her shoe...the best toy ever!

This little guy kept staring at us like we were crazy.

Off to explore the great big world!

Lily "hiding" from Ava...behind the chain link fence.

My little super model!

Here's Ava trying to eat an acorn...

And the fit she threw when I took the acorn away...

Luckily, babies are a little bi-polar and she snapped back to her happy self pretty quickly.

Here is a video of a game Lily was playing. She was cracking me up. She always makes up these little spinning and jumping games.

Once Aunt Carey got there, we decided to do a little shopping and headed to the mall. Of course, we let the kiddos play on the playground. I figured they were already sick, so they probably wouldn't catch anything else, right? Ava had so much fun. She love climbing and she discovered the giant tree in the middle that she could climb up into. Fun stuff!

Chillin' by the boat.

Ava loving being up in the tree.

Showing some cute little leg.

Climbing on the rock.

Checking out all the other kids from her perch in tree.
'This is Lily showing us her "eye patch."

Lily is trying to convince Ava to go through the tunnel.

And, she's in!

And, she's out!

Lily was Queen of the Playground.

Ava taking a little rest in the tree.

I could not get Lily to look at me to get a picture of the two of them, so this is what we ended up with.

Once we were all done shopping and playing, Lily took a little ride on the kangaroo. She was so cute.

We ended our mall trip with one of Lily's favorite things...a quick ride up and down the escalator with Aunt Carey.


Lark said...

That's funny, I only take the kids to the mall playground when they are slightly sick or I am already at the mall and can't say no.

melanie said...

I miss the place place at Oaks Mall! I took them there often to kill time. :) your pics make me sad. :(