Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We went into St. Augustine last weekend to let Lily go trick-or-treating for the first time ever. After weeks of trying to choose between a butterfly, cat, and princess, she finally settled on being a cat (nice and easy for Momma!). So, Friday night, we decided to practice our whole trick-or-treat deal. I was hoping to get her to remember to say thank you. Well, I go into my mom's bedroom and have Lily knock on the door. I told her say trick-or-treat...but, well...it went more like this:

Lily: *knock*knock*
Mommy: Hello, little girl! What a beautiful costume!
Lily: Happy Anniversary!
Mommy: ?

Now, I have no idea where the anniversary thing came from, but we could not get her to shake it. She said some very funny things to people throughout the night. Happy Anniversary...Happy Trick-or-Treat...it was really fun. She made it around the whole neighborhood and got quite a lot of candy. Poor Ava had to stay home because she was sick. Luckily, Uncle Elijah helped Lily go up to the all the doors. What a good uncle!

Here she is getting Pa to put on her make-up.

My little kitty cat!

Lily with her uncles (Elijah is on the left as Hades and Ian is on the right as "The Right to Bear Arms").

Here she is at her first house. "Happy Anniversary!"

Let the candy feast begin!


Check out the double lollipop action. I pretty much just let her have at the candy...and she took full advantage of it!

Ahhh...here comes that sugar coma...

This pretty much sums up the rest of the weekend. One big long sugar high!

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