Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots of Fun

Well, we have been having loads of fun around here this week. Monday, we started MOPS. So much fun. I have seriously missed this over the summer! I was kind of worried about leaving Ava. I left her some at the end of the year last year but, she was still in that newborn stage when she didn't really care too much as long as she was fed! This time around, she did great! Go figure, my little ankle biter. There were lots of new toys to play with and she didn't even notice that I left! Lily on the other hand, the one who has been talking about going back to MOPS for days, was not so psyched about Mommy leaving. She eventually sucked it up and went to make breakfast with her friends Madison and Rosemary who were both in her class last year. She did have a blast and I think she will do better next time around! They do little projects in the kids classes whichi usually relate to a Bible story they look at. This weel, they did Daniel and the Lion's Den. They made this cute little lion out of paper and felt. Well, Lily's lion did not make it home in one piece. She decided she needed to be the lion. This kid is getting so into dress-up (**hint, hint for b-day/ x-mas**)!

I love the eyebrow.

After MOPS, we went to Target. I got Lily these little things that stick on the window. She thought they were like the coolest things ever.

Very feng-shui.

No, Lily, really, you have to back up...

Do I see a tattoo in her future? I sure hope not!

We also got a "Pandana" (as in the headband thing from Kung Fu Panda). It was one of those cereal box things. So, anyhow, it finally came and Lily thought it was great! She wore it all afternoon. I think she thought it was like a sweat band because she went and picked out the blue tank top and asked me to put it on her and said she was going to "go runnin'." She then did laps around our house. I tried to get some video, but, well, that didn't work out so well.



Last night, we went to Family Night at Chic-fil-a. They were having a Veggie Tales night which was awesome. We saw lots of friends from MOPS. Lily got to play with ehr friend Madison (or Ma-ninin as Lily calls her). They had fun. I tried to take their picture, but they could not hold still! I think these are pretty sweet anyways!

My Sweet Baby's Smile!

Tonight, I discovered the key to being able to cook dinner without Ava tugging on my legs (she has earned the name ankle biter). What is that you ask? A gallon of water. Yes, a gallon of water is almost as cool to play with as Daddy's shoes (these are her favorites). She played with this bottle long enough for me to cook dinner, so, at least like 25 minutes. She probably would have gone longer, but Daddy came home and...oh, wait...there are his shoes!

I will drink the whole bottle, Momma! Hook me up with some formula!

We also discovered tonight that Ava like mashed potatoes. Any of you who have seen Lily attempt to eat mashed potatoes know that she considers them as bad as (which I will never understand). In fact, she may prefer the dog-pooh. Ava, thankfully, likes them! Whew!


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Jeannie Worz said...

Tori - I love this blog!! I feel like I get to see the girls everyday you put something up there. Love the running into the couch while jogging video - so very Lily! Your comments are so funny babe!! I can tell you are having fun with the babies and they are having fun with you!! Hugs and Kisses - Mom