Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Craziness, Craftiness, and Yumminess

So, I am just going to role a bunch of things into one post because I don't feel like breaking it up into a bunch of different ones, so this is going to be a long one...

Well, as if the white-out/ pooh incident wasn't enough mischief to last her a month (let alone a week), this is what greeted me after Lily's nap last Saturday:

I'll give you one guess who left the high-lighter in there! Yup, the same intelligent man who left the white-out...my hubby! He's a very smart guy, I mean he's in dental school, but come on, nap time and office supplies do not mix!!! The blanket on my bed now has big yellow high-lighter spots on it. They go nicely with the big white-out stain on my sheets!

The weather here is finally starting to cool down (yay!) which is allowing us to get outside a bit more. I love the "fall." I guess Florida doesn't get fall in the sense that the states up North get, but I love the cool down (just wait, though, come December, I will be complaining that 50 degrees is way too cold...anyone know a place where it stays like 70 year round?). I can't wait...just a few more weeks and we should be open the windows! A few days ago, we decided to go for a walk (since the weather was so nice is the point I was trying to get at). We walked over to the basketball courts in between Maguire and UVS and Lily ran around and played her own version of basketball for a bit.

Okay, so not exactly the most appropriate outfit for playing basketball, but isn't it cute?

I like this picture, because it really captures the true essence of Lily. See how she is blurry because she is moving and Nate's not? That is Lily. Always moving. A constant little blur.

Daddy helping her dunk. Kinda.

She got tired tired and didn't want to walk the rest of the way home, and, since Nate's a softy, Daddy carried her home.

Last night, since the weather was still fantastic, the girls and I went with Nate to his football practice out at Flavet Field. It makes Lily crazy to watch Nate play sports because she always wants to be in on the action. It was to fun to go out, though. She got to run around and Ava and I chilled on a blanket. The weather was amazing! I am hoping it will keep it up for the softball game tonight!

She was "pracising" football (yes, she is holding a tennis ball).

Ava is really starting to chunk up. Check out those cheeks (and chins!)...

Sitting on someone's football (I don't know whose it was, she swiped it an brought it over to our blanket).

I went outside to clean out the car today and Lily had to come with me. So we put on her new favorite dress (a garage sale find that is a bit too short). She discovered this dress a few days ago and thinks it is awesome. It's really loose and flowy, so she can swoosh in it. I can remember loving dresses like this when I was a little girl. It's pretty cute on her too. I definitly think I am going to try to make this for her. She could twirl and twirl in it!

I didn't have any shoes out for her and Ava was sleeping, so I told she would have to go out bare foot. She responded, "But, Momma, I not a bear."

I have a few crafty things to post.

We made these cute frames in MOPS yesterday. They were super easy and fast. I added Sisters across the bottom and put on some sparkly flower things. I haven't put a picture in it yet, but I am going to put this one. It's one of my faves of the girls so far.

Here is another diaper holder to replace the one that got swiped. I also wanted to post a link to make these. They are so easy and fun if you sew. They also make great gifts. Here is the tutorial. I make them a little differently, but this will give you the same basic thing.

Also, I made a new diaper bag. It is not the most professional looking thing ever, but it gets the job done. Here is the tutorial I used for it. It was definitly a learning project. I used snaps for the first time and did my first zipper. I would make the strap longer if I could do it again, because I like to be able to put the strap across my body and this one is just not long enough to do that with.

Oh, and here's another bag for Lily. I wanted to make her one with her name on it for MOPS. I also ordered some cute name labels for the girls to put on their drinks and stuff from this Etsy shop. They are way less expensive than a lot of places I have seen them. I will let you all know how well they work once I get them in.

Oh, and for the yumminess section of this post, I have a couple of recipes I have tried out recently that turned out to be delicious that I wanted to share.

First, I made these Peanut Cornflake Balls. They were pretty yummy and super easy to make. Always a plus. Also, We tried out Holy Cake Mix Cookies. These were also super easy and yummy. I used a dark chocolate cake mix and mixed in white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips and chopped up marshmallows. They were delicious! Today, I am planning on trying gout some Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Coconut Ice Candies. I'll let you know how they turn out. Hopefully, they will be good because I want to bring them as a thanks to the girls who watched Ava for me last week!

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Bellamarin said...

Hey Bella has the same nightgown as Lily,she'll love it when she sees it! Oh and by the way I love the diaper bag you made you are so creative. Maybe you should sell them. I would buy one even though my baby is not a baby anymore!