Friday, September 19, 2008

Brushing Teeth and Fingerpaints (But, Not at the Same Time!)

Well, Nathan is still on a quest for cute (my word, not his!) pictures of the kids brushing their teeth. My silly dentist man. Anyhow, we got some cute ones last night. Now that Ava has a tooth, she can get in on the action, too!

Deer in headlights?

Show me, Sissy. How do I brush my teeth my like pro?

That's the one! How cute is she?

And on a dental note (hehe), you have to check out this video from The Fairly Odd Parents. I think Nate should have it playing on a loop in his office.

Today, I let Lily finger paint! She had so much fun! She used a paint brush, though, and her fingers a little.

Very serious contemplation on her masterpiece!

Man, this painting thing is hard work!

Her "pallet" ended up...well...brown.

Here is the lovely painting! Proudly displayed on the fridge (she started hugging and kissing the fridge when she saw her paintgin up there...not sure what that was about, but ya know)!

My favorite part of her pic! Her little hand!

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Anonymous said...

Tori, I love it, those babies are great!! Can't wait til you guys are back in St. Auggie!! And I agree the tooth song is perfect for any dentist office. Mom!