Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lizards, Balls, White Out, and the Circus (Oh, My!)

On Monday, we (well, Nate) found a baby lizard at the playground. Lily though he was so cool. She named him Leo.

Inroducing, Leo Lizard, in his blog debut! (sorry, I am still in circus mode).

Ohhh...can I eat that???

No, really, Dad, I need to taste him!

He was a cute little lizard...I mean, you know...for a lizard.

Trying to communicate with him.

"Take my picture wit, Leo!"

"Bye-bye, Leo. I miss you sooo much!"

Gonna shoot a basket!

My sweet babe, check out the tooth!

Oh, I had to post this video of Ava trying to grab two balls. She kept trying to get them both and, of course, every time she grabbed the second one, they both popped out of her arms!

Yesterday, this is what greeted me when Lily got up from her nap. It is white out. As in my silly husband left a bottle of white out in our room where our two and half year old takes her naps. Not his brightest moment. So, Lily gets up and come shows me how she "painted" herself. I calmly said "Lily, sit right there while I go examine the bedroom." So, I walk in to the bedroom afraid of what kind of white-out mess I am going to. It really wasn't as bad a thought, a little puddle of it on our sheets which seeped through to the mattress, but none on my wonderful wood bed or any other fabric. Well, the white-out wasn't was the pooh that was bad. Yes, I said the pooh. As if the white-out was not enough, the child chose that day to take off her diaper and smear her pooh from one end of my bed to the other. Lovely. As though I am not already up to my elbows in pooh with Ava everyday, now my potty trained daughter (who usually uses going potty as an excuse to get up from her nap) has to smear pooh in my bed, on my husband's mouth-guard (ewww!), all over the end-table, and on the floor. Lovely. Really, really, just lovely.

She still has white-out on her legs...any tips on how to get that off her (or our sheets)?

Last night, after I recovered from the pooh/ white-out incident, we went to the circus. Well, Lily and I did, Ava went with Nate to his softball game. It was Lily's first circus. We went with our friends Kim and Madison. I know Kim from MOPS and Madison is in Lily's classroom there. Lily seemed to have fun. It was kinda hot, so that was her biggest complaint. She loved the elephants. It was a pretty small circus, but I think that was good for our first time. All the people walking around selling stuff just about killed Lily! She kept putting her arms up to get them to give her stuff and did not understand why I wouldn't buy her everythign she wanted! My pictures are not great. I was trying to sit on the top of wooden bleachers, hold Lily, take pictures, and avoid getting slimed by cotton candy! We didn't get home until nearly ten. The poor kid was so beat, she slept in until almost nine this morning (if only Ava would have done the same)!

Lily's first time eating cotton was a hit!

Lions and tigers!

Little dogs doing tricks.

The lovely dancing camel!

No, we didn't hose them was just really hot!

Runnin' around during intermission.

Mmmmm...snow cones!

Lily loved the elephants. One of them...ehm, peed...while they were doing their show and Lily just could not get over it! She htough it was so funny that the "elephant went pee-pee!"

We let the girls run around for a bit after the circus ended (had to burn off some of that cotton candy energy!), while we waited for the parking lot to empty out.

Like moths to a flame!


Lark said...

White out and pooh....OH MY!

Bellamarin said...

oh Tori I am so sorry about the poo and white out and I think ur circus pics were good! BTW I know Lily is younger than Bella but how did you get her potty trained? Bella is just plain refusing!

The Bowers Family said...

Tori, we had such a great time together at the circus and you got some great pictures. Madison just loves Lily and she now asks every day if she is going to see her and baby Ava. I am looking forward to many more play dates. Oh and believe it or not Lily is helping Madison on the potty, she keeps saying that she wants to wear panties like Lily maybe by May she will be potty trained.