Friday, September 5, 2008

And We're Off...Again!

Well, thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna, we are headed in to St. Augustine. Nathan loves to surf. Gainesville is not he place to live if you are a surfer...thus, we are making the two hour trek in to St. Augustine...again. It's cool, though, really. I am going to get to go garage saleing with my sis-in-law(s) which is always super fun and the kiddos will get to have some fun. So, it is okay (if I keep saying this, maybe I will actually get excited about the trip). I was hoping to get some sewing done this weekend, but, I guess that's not gonna happen...but, it is okay :)

So, we have decided Ava is part goat (or vacuum cleaner) she eats everything in sight. She would eat all day if I would let her! And let me tell you, she is putting on the pounds to show for it, too! It will be interesting to see how much she weighs when we go for her 9 months check-up next week (I can't believe she's almost 9 months old already).

I do have some cute pictures of the girls to put up. We went to the playground a few days ago (the first time we have attempted it in a while). It was really nice. It was a little overcast, so it was not too hot. Wonderful. Of course, all of Lily's friends were in the pool (right next to the playground), so she was kind of bummed about that. Daddy made it all better though, he played hide-and-seek with her. She has come along way since she tried to play this for the first time with Chloe.

Sweet Baby Face

I love this kid's smile!

Playing on the playground like Big Sissy

It's so much fun!

Lily counting while Daddy hides. Where is Daddy?

In the slide! (Hehe, I bet Nate loves that this pic is up here!)

Wait! Now, he's in the tunnel!

Here comes Lily!

How does her hair flip so perfectly?

Now, to see what kind of fun the girls have when Daddy is in charge of baths.


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