Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Firehouse Fun

Yesterday, we went to Fire Station No. 7 with our MOPS group. We got up yesterday morning and as I was telling Lily what we were going to do that day, she said, "Mom, I want to kiss the fireman." Not sure where that came from...It was a lot of fun. The firemen were so sweet to the kids. They taught them to "get low" if there was smoke. They even got one of our moms to dress up in the firefighter outfit. One of the firemen also dressed up to take pictures with the kids. Then, the kids got to go in the firetruck! Lily had a lot of fun and loved the cute little fireman hat they gave her.

Lily "getting low."

Momma Kelly Trent in her firefighter getup. You can see some more great pictures of her getting in to this thing on my friend Kim's blog.

Lily kinda talking to the fireman. She wouldn't get any close than this for a picture (so much for kissing him, huh?).

Lily, Kim, and Madison with Fireman Brian.

After we finished up at the firehouse, we went to a playground with Madison and Kim. It was a really nice place that the girls and I had never been to before. They had these little stepping stone like things that Ava thought were great. She walked all along the whole line of them. She also really enjoyed trying to eat the mulch. Yum.

After the playground, we went to McDonald's (we had a really big morning!). As we were pulling int o the parking lot, Lily goes, "Momma! I forgot to kiss the fireman!" Golly, but I love that kid. What a silly girl!

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Lark said...

We missed you! Some other moms went over to the san felasco park behind cox cable afterwards, I didn't realize some moms went to the possum creek park too.