Sunday, August 1, 2010

July on Facebook

July 7: Finally, we have the internet! Yay!

July 8:
Can't believe Emmaline is two weeks old today! Man, that went by quick!

July 8:
Baby girl smells like pooh...dare I wake a sleeping baby an hour before she should eat to change her stinkiness? Hmmm...I'm gonna go with no. It obviously isn't bothering her, right?

July 9:
Ava, Lily and Baby Cousin Aubrey are all watching Baby Neptune. Too cute :)

July 11:
Emmaline has sisters kissing her on both sides...she looks scared to death :) She better get used to it, though!

July 12:
I have gotten nothing productive done yet today...and, it's been kind of nice :)

July 16:
Amazed at how my G-ville MOPS mommas are still such a support and blessing! I miss you girls! Thank you all for your advice and encouragement! And, Pidge, thank you for putting your sweet Carrie in touch with me! I will be emailing her back this afternoon :)

July 19:
It's suppossed to "feel like" 100 degrees today! Yikes! Boy, am I thankful for our shady neighborhood today :)

July 19:
Well, after struggling to put on weight at first, Emmaline is officially a little chunk. She is 3 1/2 weeks and weighs 8 lbs 12 oz. She put on 14 oz in 1 week! I wish I could contribute it all to Momma Milk, but maybe now that she is gaining better, I will be able to cut back on the formula...

July 19:
Lily's Song: " Everybody's smart! Everybody's smart! But sometimes you're not. Sometimes you're not. Soooometiiiiimes yooouuuurrr'eeee NOT! Pizza, pizza, PIZZAAAA!"

July 20:
Got all Lily and Ava's clothes put away. Ava went up a size in clothes and shoes since we moved. It was fun unpacking the next size clothes for her (Lily's old stuff), it made me remember when Lil was Ava's age and Ava was a baby. Now, we have sweet Emma and all new adventures!

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