Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lily Gets Glasses!

So, it turns out Lily needs glasses. Not a hug shocker considering the vision Nathan and I have. We went last week and she got her eye exam and picked out some frames. Pink Hannah Montana Frames with pink rhinestones, of course :) They are actually pretty cute and it completes the mini-Mommy look!

Trying on her glasses.

Since, we couldn't bring her glasses home the same day, I let both girls pick out some new sunglesses. They are so silly!

When we picked up lily's completed frames with her new lenses, they gave us a plain purple case for her to keep her glasses, well, that just wasn't glitzy enough for my girl! We got some gems and she jazzed that baby up!

Much better :)

Lily's New Look! Love it!

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Ann Graham said...

If thats not "Little Tori", I don't know what is!!!!! Too Cute!!!!