Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Months!

Emma Bean,
Today, you are two months old. You started sleeping through the night this week! Yay! We are getting more and more smiles out of you, although, you didn't want to give me any when I was taking your picture today! You weigh 11lbs 4 oz and are 22 inched long. You are such a little mommas girl, and though there are times I wish you would let someone else comfort and hold you, I have to admit that I love that you save 95% of your smiles just for me :)

You are starting to perk up a lot more and we are seeing more and more of your awake time. You like to lay on your playmat and stretch and watch your crazy sisters. You love the sound of running water and are very content to sit in your bouncer in the bathroom and let me shower. You are a little snuggler and you love to have your belly and forehead rubbed.

Even though you didn't cooperate for our "mini photo shoot," I was able to get a couple of smiley pictures of you in your carseat later in the day. You are always really happy when i first put you in your car seat because you can look at momma :)

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