Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Month...

Sweet Baby Emmaline,
I can't believe you are already a month old! The time has gone by so quickly! We have been having such a wonderful time getting to know you. Your big sisters think you are about the best thing ever. They get so excited every morning when I carry you out into the kitchen. They are always hugging and kissing you. They are having to learn how to be gentle with you, but I have a feeling you will have to be a tough little girl :)

You are not the best sleeper ever, but we are working on that. You always want to be held and snuggled. I think if we'd just let you sleep on one of our chests, you would probably sleep like a champ! We're moving you out of our bathroom and into your own room this week. We'll see how you like being your crib.

You get called lots of different names right now. Emma, Emmie, Em, Emmaline, Emma-lime (by Big Sister Ava), Em & Em. You love going for walks, so we have been trying to go most mornings.

You hated your first bath, so I have been letting you take showers with me. You don't cry, but you make the funniest face and keep your eyes closed tight the whole time you are in the water. You will learn to love it, I promise :) You've already been to the beach three times, so I have no doubt that you will inevitably become a little water baby.

We got a couple of real smiles out of you this week. So cute! You look like a perfect combination of Mommy and Daddy right now, so we are not sure who you'll end up taking after.

We love you, Sweet Emmie!

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Anonymous said...

Too sweet! She's beautiful Tori. Can't wait to see her!!!

Aunt Ann