Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MomDot Friday Night Live

Here's the info, check it out!

"Wow, so much to tell for this Friday Night Live I have to start today. Usually on Friday Night Live Shows we have ‘blogging 101 classes’ and talk to you about all your blogging questions and bring on guests to also chat you up. Its really a ton of fun and we meet here, win prizes, and get connected.

Well, THIS week is going to be different and we are letting you play hookey from classes. Because its Friday the 13th and the day before Valentines Day, we have declared it a holiday and we are having A One Night Only BLOG PARTY!

If you missed it last week, we played our own little rated R version of Scatagories. We will have that back, along with some other awesome online games and maybe even a scavenger hunt or two! And did I mention DH will be at a class and Charlotte will be at her grandparents? Screw the coke, I’m bringing a Keg.

Here is a sneak Peek of our generous sponsors and what you can look forward to on Friday Night Live. Be here at 8:30 Central time on Friday the 13th to WIN BIG with MomDot:



Things Remembered

Casio Watch (courtesy of MommyGoggles)

Flip Ultra (courtesy of The Posh Parent)




Fruit Rollups

And of course

Dyson Divas

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