Sunday, February 22, 2009

Madison's Birthday Party

Yesterday, we went to Lily's best friend's , Madison, birthday party. It was so much fun! The weather ended up being beautiful out and all the kids had a great time! The party was at Possum Creek Park (one of the local parks that we go to a lot).

Oh, this first picture is Ava in the car before the party with three cookies stacked on top of each other and shoved in her mouth. You can't see it super well in the picture, but it was really impressive!

Madison and Lily peaking out of the tunnel at the park! What silly girls!

Ava had more fun sitting on the stepping stones at the park. I think it made her feel grown up (although the bigger kids kept pushing her off).

Ava doing the rock wall (with the assistance of Daddy!).

She really loved those stepping stones!

Madison giving Ava a kiss. She is such a sweet little girl!

Lily and Madison hamming it up for me. They both are so used to having their pictures taken that they will sit there and pose for you until you get the picture you want!

Some of the balloons from the party got whisked away into a tree. I jokingly told Lily she was going to have to climb up the tree and get them...she took off running and was all about climbing up the tree! Guess she is a little young to joke with about such things as of yet, huh?

Kim (Madison's mom) brought some bubble for the kids to play with and chase. It was so funny while they were doing these. They started out with about four kids and it slowly grew until half the kids at the playground (from the 3 birthday parties that were going on) ended up chasing the bubbles.

The birthday girl checking out her cake. How cute its that shirt? Oh, the party was a Little Einsteins theme, by the way.

Here she is thoroughly enjoying that cake. And, Kim was so smart, she got these little ice cream cups! Genius! No one had to scoop!

Ava got a juice box at the end of the party. She is so funny with these things. She tends to suck them down in about 15 seconds flat!

Everyone had a great time! Today is Madison's actual birthday, so we want to wish her a very happy day and hope she has a great time celebrating with her family!

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