Monday, February 2, 2009

Some Random Pre-Sickie Pictures

These are mostly just pictures of us hanging out around Maguire Village before the plague stuck our house (just kidding, but seriously last weekend was not fun). The ones with the fish of Lily were taken on our last to St. Auggie at Nate's parents house. Anyhow, there are some cute ones of the girls, so here ya go!

Silly girls!

My little ballerina!

Her face is so sweet in this picture! I love it!

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Lark said...

Glad you guys are feeling better. The Curriers and Ellisons are now both dealing with the plague with their three kids and themselves, just both back in town after being away. yuck.

I think my breaking things post may become a weekly one as Amelia pulled off the faux drawer of the bathroom cabinet as she thought it was a real drawer. I didn't realize those things could come off, but apparently nails can't hold my kids back from breaking things. And I was standing right there with them too. Oh well.