Thursday, February 12, 2009

Donut, Bubbles, Cupcake, PB Sandwich, and "Hi"

Okay, so I have lots of random things in this post (and no idea why everything is underlined...sorry about that!). First up, last week, Nathan's Dad randomly calls me and tells me he is coming by to see the girls in 5 minutes...he lives 2 hours away and calls when he is practically in the parking lot...whatever, no biggie. Anyhow, he brought the girls some donuts. Lily loved hers so much, she wanted me to take her picture with it! It was a very pretty doughnut!

On Tuesday, we went to the park with some friends. The girls and I got there a bit early and we brought some bubbles with us. They had so much fun playing with the bubbles! It was quite a goof time!

Once Lily got tired of blowing the bubbles herself, she made me do it so she could chase them! Great way to burn some energy! She had so much fun chasing those bubbles!

We got this thing from the Dollar Tree last year...let me tell you, it is the best bubble maker ever! It is super easy and makes huge bubbles! I think we will have to get some more this summer!

While we were blowing our bubbles, we heard all these birds making a ton of noise, so we finally looked up and saw three huge flocks circling around the playground. It was pretty crazy.

Well, finally, our friends showed up and everyone had fun playing and blowing bubbles!

Kaden, Madison, and Lily

Ethan, Ava, Madison, Kaden, and Lily

Before we headed to the playground that morning, the girls and I had gone by Publix to get some sort of treat to share with everyone...I tried to convince her that cookies would be better...but, no, she had to have the cupcakes...

Ava eats all her food this way. We always say she is like on of those food processors that you have to use a stick thing to push the food into. She just kind of keeps shoving fod into her mouth until it is all gone.

The best part of the V-Day cupcakes was the red dye in the frosting. It tinted everything it touched red...lovely, considering all the places it touched on Ava...

And, just because a cupcake-covered kid is too cute, here is another one of Ava eating her cupcake last night.

Oh, so early this morning, I was cleaning house and realized it had been a few minutes since I heard any noise out Ava. Not really like her to be quiet, so I go to check on her and found her asleep on the living room floor with her peanut butter sandwich in her mouth. It was pretty funny. Anytime I would touch and her she would stir a little, she would start sucking on the snadwich. Once I woke her up, she went right back to eating like nothing had happend. The girl loves her PB sandwiches!

Ava has learned to say "hi." It's really super cute! She usually goes, "Hiiiiiiiiii!" This is the best video I have gotten of it. It's not great, but it's still pretty sweet.

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