Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Pixie Cut

This is what I found on our living room floor yesterday. The house had gotten quiet and I looked over and asked sweet little Ava what she was doing. She had a pair of scissors. I thought she had been cutting her pretty dress and quickly called her over so I could see the damage. It wasn't until she got close that I realized it wasn't her dress that she'd been cutting...

Lots of tears ensued when I told her she was probably going to have to get a short hair cut. I don't think we'll have this problem again...

The damage was pretty bad and the girls are supposed to be flower girls in my cousin's wedding in a couple months, so this morning we called up Miss Kym to beg for an appointment to get it fixed up. Of course, I had to document Ava's cut, first. She wasn't too pleased about the whole thing.

We went to dollar store and got some treats for after her cut. She sat so still the whole time with the look on her face that was just too funny. She was NOT pleased. The cut turned out really cute and I think she'll adjust to it. We keep telling her she looks like Tinkerbell, now, because she has a "Pixie" cut.

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