Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February on Facebook

February 2: Cannot believe how big my baby girl is getting. Where did the last 7 months go? Her first birthday is just around the corner and I absolutely can't believe it!

February 7:
Icky, nasty rainy day is killing my productivity. Really just want to sit on my couch and watch TV...or, even better, sit on my couch and read a book while I listen to the rain...alas, the laundry awaits :(

February 8:
Just got my first Blurb book! It is a book full of the first year of my blog! I LOVE it! So excited! All of you momma bloggers out there have got to do this! So much easier that a baby book :)

February 14:
Both girls are sitting on the floor whispering in Em's ears. Emmie just looks confused, but her sisters are cracking themselves up! Wonder what secrets they are telling her...

February 15:
Well, I officially have a backwards crawler. Em is all over the place, but just has not figured out how to go forward yet :)

February 21:
Grrrr. That's it. Just, grrrr.

February 22:
Watching my two littlest play. So sweet. Makes me happy Em is finally warming up to her big sister Ava. Only took her eight months to adjust to Ava's craziness!

February 23:
Ava just dragged Em across the room by her ankles. Em LOVED it! Think we have found a new game :) Definitely won't help with that bald spot on the back of her head, though...

February 25:
My little rug bug is getting a work out tonight! She still does not crawl forward, but she is getting around though a series of rolls, scoots, and other crazy moves :)

February 28:
Think the pedal on my sewing machine is dead :( So much for finishing Emmie's quilt today. On a positive note, it is National Tooth Fairy Day, so Happy Tooth Fairy Day, everyone!

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