Thursday, March 24, 2011

9 Months,

My Little Em,
I cannot believe you are nine months old! It doesn't seem possible that we are approaching your first birthday. Well, it has been about three months since I did one of these letters to you and you have changed SO much!

You finally learned to roll over right before you turned seven months. Once you figured that out, you started working on figuring out crawling. It took you about a month, but you finally got yourself moving forward (after a couple weeks of very frustrated backwards movement!). Then, you just took off! Once you knew how to get yourself moving, you went everywhere. And, that's what you're up to these days, exploring everything. You get yourself into a lot of trouble finding things to try to eat. You're also pulling up really well and don't expect it will take you too terribly long to figure out you want to walk.

Now that you're mobile, you have even more fun with your big sisters. They love you so much and are a little rough on you, but you are slowly learning to be tough and tolerate their love. You are still a mommy's girl, but you did great getting left with Grammy for a few days. I was so proud of you!

I love you Em!


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