Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old Florida Museum Fieldtrip

Today, we got to go on a field trip with Lily's school to the Old Florida Museum. It was a really fun and interactive museum and one of the few tourist attractions in St. Aug that I hadn't been to.

First, the kids got to learn all about the Timucuan Indians. They got to hold tools, toys, furs, and jewelry that were made the same way the Indians made them. They all really loved feeling the different animal pelts.

Then, they got to experience what life was like for the Timucuans. They got their faces painted, ground maize, worked on hollowing out a canoe, threw corn darts, got to use Timucuan gardening tools, and practiced their Indian yells.

After lunch, we headed over the the Spanish settlement where the kids were able to learn about the lives of the early Spanish settlers in Florida. They got to make candles, wear and old Spanish helmet, use Spanish tools, build a reed fence, grind corn, play games, and grind oyster shells to make concrete.

All three of them had a great time (yes, Emmie was there, but she is not in any of the pics because I had to hold her the whole time). It was a really good museum for a little kid. Definitely recommend checking it out!

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